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Founded in 2019 in Valencia, Salad Planet was born with the idea of dealing with the lack of restaurants that offer a fast service and healthy food at the same time.

We want our brand to be a symbol of healthy and suitable food for everyone.

We believe that our eating habits have important effects on the health of each person as well as on the environment. This is the reason why we decided to work with fresh and local products.

We want to go further and, to do so, we will make people aware about sustainable development. That is why Salad Planet, has carried out practices in favor of sustainable development since the beginning (we do not use plastic, we recycle waste materials, we carry out a responsible consumption of energy…) and has promoted the benefits of these actions to its customers.


Fresher than ever: Salad Planet will guarantee fresh products and, therefore, will buy its ingredients directly from local producers.

Thinking in a sustainable way: We make decisions that always have a positive impact on sustainable development.

Generate impact: Raise awareness and prove the value of sustainable development.

Healthy for everyone: Make healthy food suitable to everyone, whatever the customer’s eating habits.

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Salad Planet’s mission is to offer fresh products at competitive prices and affordable for everyone thanks to a quick service that communicates the values of sustainable development to its consumers.

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